Forestry Programs

Managing forests is an important task. Orange County SWCD offers several options for forest landowners. We work closely with the Indiana DNR District Foresters to develop a forest management plan that will help guide your project. If a resource concern is found in  your forest land, financial assistance can be obtained through several programs, both federal and local.


Cost shared practices can include:

  • Timber Stand Improvement
    This involves things such as grapevine control and girdling unwanted trees to help the forest develop into a productive stand for a later tree harvest.
  • Tree Plantings
    Technical and financial assistance for selecting the right mix of species for your planting area. Tree plantings can be as small as a quarter acre or several acres.
  • Waterbars & Critical Area Plantings
    Waterbars can be installed on forest trails to reduce erosion. Critical area plantings can be implemented on log yards and other open areas in the forest where there is an erosion problem.

If you are interested in managing your forestry resources, give us a call at 812-203-3033 or stop by the office at 573 SE Main Street in Paoli to discuss your needs.