About Us

Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) are located in every county of the state. Cooperation with the SWCD is volunatry. SWCDs are a legal subdivision of Indiana State Government. The District is responsible for local leadership of soil, water and related natural resource conservation needs within our county.

Five Supervisors, three elected by local landowners each year at the annual meeting and two appointed by the State Soil Conservation Board, oversee the programs of the SWCD. Orange County SWCD has two full time staff members that carry out the mission of the board of Supervisors. The board meets monthly and the public is welcome to attend. Call the SWCD at 812-203-3033 to inquire about meeting times, as meeting days vary each month.

We help provide technical and financial assistance to Orange County landowners. In addition, we provide educational opportunities on good conservation practices. We accomplish this through field days, workshops, making presentations at local schools and civic groups, as well as working one on one with the public.